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Paige Browning



Paige hosts midday newscasts and monitors news of significance to the Puget Sound region. She subscribes to KUOW's mission: to create and serve a more informed public. This is what drives each story and newscast she anchors.

Paige was raised in the mountains and lakes around Spokane, the city where she first witnessed the importance of local journalism. She is a former news host and reporter for Spokane Public Radio, a station as invested in culture, environment, and journalism as she is.

The start of her public radio career came one fall in Montana, when Paige reported about black bears rummaging in people's trash. She's a proud alumna of University of Montana's School of Journalism, where she contributed to KUFM.

Paige is a shop steward of KUOW’s SAG-AFTRA newsroom union.

When not on air, you'll find her consuming true crime and long-form journalism, at a museum or music venue, and watching women's basketball.