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Vaughan Jones

Podcast Producer


Vaughan is a podcast producer for Seattle Now, KUOW's news podcast. They enjoy stories with strong local roots that benefit the day-to-day life of the listener. They were previously a reporter at KJZZ, Phoenix's NPR member station, and received a BA in journalism from the Walter Cronkite School at Arizona State University.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: they/them



  • Casual Friday with Zaki Hamid and Clare McGrane

    This week… Some well-loved Seattle businesses are coming back from the dead as co-ops or collectives. Residents of the town of Carnation came to Seattle to say they’re fed up with false alarms at the Seattle-run Tolt River Dam. And you’ve heard of the Seattle Freeze… but are you Seattle Smug? KUOW’s Director of Community Engagement Zaki Hamid and Seattle Now Producer Clare McGrane are here to break down the week.

  • Black Panthers in Seattle turn to the next chapter

    The Black Panther Party’s Seattle chapter is drumming up new plans, more than 40 years after it disbanded. A group devoted to preserving Black Panther history plans to open a museum in Pioneer Square early next year, bringing attention to the ways the Panthers influenced Seattle then, and still do now. Seattle Times Race and Equity Reporter Alexandra Yoon-Hendricks is here to tell us about it, with some help from Elmer Dixon, a founding member of Seattle’s Black Panther chapter.

  • Casual Friday with Jodi-Ann Burey and Lex Vaughn

    This week… Our personal data is in the hands of a lot of companies. Two Washington lawmakers reached across the aisle to propose national data security laws. Furry friends rejoice, five new dog parks are coming to Seattle. And we take a crack at naming Washington State University’s newest apple, and you can too. Author Jodi-Ann Burey and Editor of the Needling Lex Vaughn are here to break down the week.

  • Casual Friday with Geraldine DeRuiter and Marcus Harrison Green

    This week… Should Pike Place Market be pedestrian-only? Seattle City Council is reigniting that debate for the thousandth time. Amazon is moving away from its “Just Walk Out” technology, which isn’t as futuristic as it seems. And remember in 1989, when the Space Needle collapsed? We look back on one of Seattle’s most infamous April Fools’ jokes. Author Geraldine DeRuiter and South Seattle Emerald Founder Marcus Harrison Green are here to break down the week.

  • The Seattle City Council wants cheaper food delivery

    You may have noticed your Doordash order got even more expensive. The Seattle City Council says it’s working on it. A minimum wage law for gig workers went into effect in January, and this more business-friendly council is already reconsidering. Seattle Times City Hall Reporter David Kroman is here to talk about it.

  • Every day is April Fools' Day with The Needling

    Last week, Chihuly Garden and Glass shattered its museum’s ceiling to celebrate Women’s History Month… Just kidding! Happy April Fools’ Day. That was a recent headline from The Needling, Seattle's only real fake news site. We love a good self-deprecating joke around here, and Needling stories provide plenty. They also give us a chance to look at the city in a different way. Needling editor Lex Vaughan is here to talk about what Seattle finds funny, and what that says about us.

  • Casual Friday with Andrew Walsh and Rachel Belle

    This week… The City Council is weighing whether or not to keep paying app-based delivery drivers a minimum wage. The Mariners are back, along with some fun new food! And if you’re not a member, your time is running out to get a delicious cheap hot dog at the Costco food court. Too Beautiful To Live Podcast Co-Host Andrew Walsh and Your Last Meal Podcast Host Rachel Belle are here to break down the week.

  • Rage and Hope: M's opening day is here

    It was a contentious off-season for the Mariners, but Opening Day of baseball today… Hot dogs, beer and complicated emotions are in Seattle’s future. Whether you’re a die-hard or a casual fan, there’s plenty to be excited about with this year’s Mariners team. Seattle Now Producer and baseball superfan Vaughan Jones is here to talk about it.

  • Kara Swisher on Seattle’s tech billionaires

    Here at Seattle Now, we would jump at the chance to chat with Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos about their careers and their impact on Seattle. We don’t think either of those billionaires will be appearing on the show any time soon… But today, we’re talking to someone who has spent hours with these titans of tech. Reporter Kara Swisher has covered the industry for decades, and she’s got some axes to grind.

  • Casual Friday with Vivian McCall and Vaughan Jones

    This week... The Seattle Reign were sold, and they’re worth a lot of money. A fatal car crash underscores the number of people dying on our roads. And we meet Hellcat Guy, the latest villain of the Seattle subreddit. Stranger Queer Culture reporter Vivian McCall and Seattle Now Producer Vaughan Jones are here to break down the week.