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Gas prices back on the rise in Washington

Something for drivers to consider while idling along their Western Washington commutes: gas prices.

Gas prices had been falling for a record 14 weeks earlier this month. GasBuddy reports that trend is over, and they are on the rise.

The average price for regular gas in Washington state is $5.17 per gallon (higher than the national average of $3.78), according to AAA. That's up 52 cents from a week ago.

The Seattle/Bellevue/Everett average is $5.34, which is up about 50 cents from a week ago.

It's a similar story in Tacoma where the average is $5.26, up 63 cents from a week ago.

In short, gas is already expensive, and it's getting more expensive. Perhaps it's best to start thinking long term — lifestyle, work style, where to live — to rely less on our cars, because we're not Cruisin' anymore.

This segment on gas prices originally appeared in the Sept. 29, 2022 Today So Far newsletter.