Speakers at Ignite Seattle 32 
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Speakers at Ignite Seattle 32
Credit: Courtesy of Morgen Schuler Photography

Ignite Seattle: Challenging you to be uncomfortable for a good story

Have you heard about Ignite Seattle? It’s a volunteer-powered event that started back in 2006.

The concept is simple: People, most of them not public speakers, go on stage in front of 700 or so other people to share part of their life for five minutes.

That could sound like your basic nightmare, but be brave. It pays off. The talks are often funny, or informative, or inspiring, and sometimes they just floor you. Ignite Seattle 32 featured the following talks:

Ignite Seattle 32 took place on February 23 at Town Hall Seattle. Sonya Harris recorded the talks. The emcee was Scott Berkun. Ignite Seattle 33 is coming up on May 18.

Please note: This recording contains language of an adult nature.

Listen to the full version below: