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Jason Burrows



Jason M Burrows is part of the Production Team on Soundside, and takes on announcing duties when needed.

He got his start onboard the USS Abraham Lincoln volunteering for the ship's KRUZ-FM, then spent 15 years as the "Jack of all Trades" at 96.5 Jack-FM.

Location: Seattle

Languages: English

Pronouns: he/him

Professional Affiliations: Military Veterans in Journalism



  • caption: King County drop box.

    On the Ballot: Moving King County elections to even years

    The Metropolitan King County Council voted this week to change how we vote in King County. Here’s a hint: they want election years to be divisible by two. Voters will decide whether or not this change will be made this November, and Soundside invited state politics reporter Joseph O’Sullivan and Political Science Professor Todd Donovan to discuss what this means for the county.

  • LGBTQ Youth Pride

    Seattle Pride attendees on the end of Roe and what comes next

    This weekend brought a mixture of emotions for the LGBTQ+ community in Seattle. For many, it was a return to in-person Pride celebrations - including the first Seattle Pride Parade in downtown Seattle since 2019. But there was a shadow over the festivities.

  • caption: Estella gets her first Covid-19 vaccine at a Seattle Children's clinic for children under five on June 21, 2022.

    Finally, Covid vaccines for the little ones

    We've hit a new milestone in our fight against the pandemic. As of June 21, children under the age of five are finally able to receive a vaccination against COVID-19. KUOW reporter Kate Walters talked to parents getting their young children vaccinated at Seattle Children’s Hospital on the first day that doses were available.

  • caption: Homes in Queen Anne are shown from the Space Needle on Monday, November 6, 2017, in Seattle.

    Housing Density: What we're missing without a middle option

    “Missing middle housing” is more affordable for people to buy. It’s called the “missing middle,” because while we’ve gotten better at building low-income housing, and the market builds a lot of expensive homes already, there isn’t a lot in the middle. KUOW's Joshua McNichols spoke with University of Washington Architecture students about their ideas to make housing more affordable and more available.

  • caption: Visitors to Wa Na Wari in the Central District take in a sculpture and immersive installation by Pittsburgh-based artist Vanessa German.

    Wa Na Wari celebrates Black joy with Juneteenth Photobooth

    While Juneteenth has been honored as an official “Day of Remembrance” in Washington state since 2007, the day became an official state and federal holiday last year. Juneteenth is this Sunday, and there are a plethora of events to check out around the Seattle area throughout the weekend.

  • caption: The logo for United Paizo Workers, which includes a red, clawed hand holding a pickaxe in front of a purple starred background.

    Tabletop Gaming joins the ranks of unionized workers in Western Washington

    Amazon. Starbucks. The Seattle Art Museum. All local companies with workers fighting to unionize. And now that list also includes gaming companies. Employees at Redmond-based Paizo Inc., which publishes tabletop RPGs like Pathfinder and Starfinder, recently voted to form a union, and the company has voluntarily recognized it. That's relatively unique in the gaming industry, which doesn't have a history of labor organizing. The Seattle retail store Card Kingdom is trying to do the same. Members of United Paizo Workers are now tackling the tough work of bargaining for a contract.

  • caption: An elevator out of service at the 5th & Pine light rail station.

    What's going on with the escalators at the light rail stations?

    Broken elevators and escalators have been a common headache for Sound Transit riders, and have plagued the Seattle area light rail system for years. While the agency aims to have 95 percent of escalators, and 97 percent of elevators running on a given day, the current outages are roughly twice that rate. We talk with Sound Transit about these issues, but first wanted to get the perspective of the people most negatively affected when an elevator or escalator is out of service.

  • caption: Darrell Hillaire is a Lummi Nation leader and executive director of Children of the Setting Sun Productions.

    The lasting effect indigenous boarding schools have had on Washington state

    Earlier this month, the Department of the Interior published a report on indigenous boarding schools in the U.S. These schools separated Native kids from their families, forced them to stop speaking their own languages, and often inflicted abuse in the name of "civilizing" indigenous children. The Interior Department says at one point the U-S supported at least 400 of these boarding schools across the country - including 15 here in Washington. The agency’s Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative also found at least 50 burial sites where children were left in unmarked or poorly maintained graves, and the department is still counting.

  • caption: Our 9 year old guide to the ballpark, Edmund Bollay, shows off his new hat...

    Recruiting young Seattleites to join a long-suffering club: Mariners fans

    If you’re a baseball fan in Seattle, then you already know the heartbreak of watching the Mariners fall short season after season... The last time they made it to the playoffs was more than two decades ago! So, REAL TALK: For someone who wasn't even ALIVE the last time the Mariners were a championship team... why go to the ballpark at all? Soundside producer Jason Burrows went to find out.