Marcie Sillman

Arts and Culture Reporter


Marcie Sillman arrived at KUOW in 1985 to produce the station's daily public affairs program, Seattle After Noon. One year later, she became the local voice of All Things Considered, NPR's flagship afternoon news magazine.

After five years holding down the drive-time microphone, a new opportunity arose. Along with Dave Beck and Steve Scher, Marcie helped create Weekday, a daily, two-hour forum for newsmakers, artists and thinkers.

The new century brought new challenges. Marcie and Dave Beck created The Beat, Seattle's only broadcast program to focus specifically on arts and culture.

In 2002, after more than 15 years as a daily host, Marcie decided to become a full-time cultural reporter. During her career, more than 100 of her stories have been heard on NPR's newsmagazines, as well as on The Voice of America.

In 2005, she became KUOW's first special projects reporter. In this role, she produced in-depth audio portraits and documentary series about life and culture in the Puget Sound Region.

In September, 2013, Marcie was part of the team that created The Record, a daily news magazine focused on the issues and culture of the Puget Sound region. After two years as Senior Host of the program, Marcie returned to full-time cultural reporting.


  • "Brings the Medicine Sundial" by Kimberly Corinne Deriana with Salish carvers is installed outside Seattle's King Street Station
    KUOW Newsroom

    Marcie Sillman's weekend culture picks, June 21-23

    We celebrate the solstice this weekend; in the Pacific Northwest that means hours of daylight, outdoor activities and the legendary Fremont Fair and Solstice Parade. KUOW’s Arts and Culture reporter Marcie Sillman rounded up a few other suggestions for your summer enjoyment.

  • Raymond Power, a former drug addict and gang member, is now starring in a television pilot about his time living on the streets
    KUOW Newsroom

    He's turning his past street life into a screenplay

    The first thing you notice about Raymond Power is his smile, wide and welcoming. The second thing you see are the tattoos that wrap around his forearms, creep over the collar of his button-down shirt, and drip out of the corner of an eye down to his cheekbone. “The tattoos are a big barrier,” Power says about his search for employment. “I still get followed in stores to this day.”

  • A transient whale is shown on Friday, August 10, 2018, as crews attempt to locate the JPod. (Image taken under the authority of NMFS MMPA/ESA Permit No. 18786-03)

    Marcie Sillman's weekend culture picks, June 14-16

    The Northwest festival season really gets underway in June, and this weekend revelers have their choice of celebratory gatherings. KUOW’s Arts and Culture reporter Marcie Sillman has a round up of some of the weekend’s cultural events.

  • Amada Cruz is the new Executive Director of Seattle Art Museum

    Seattle Art Museum names new director

    [host lead] Seattle Art Museum has named a new director. KUOW’s Arts and Culture reporter Marcie Sillman has more. SAM has tapped Amada Cruz for its top leadership position. Cruz currently runs the Phoenix Art Museum in Arizona She was born in Cuba but educated in the United States, and has spent most of her career working to expand audiences and diversify arts programming. She’ll take her new job in September, after SAM’s current director Kimerly Rorschach retires. Cruz will oversee SAM’s downtown museum, the Olympic Sculpture Park on Elliott Bay, and the Asian Art Museum in Volunteer Park, scheduled to reopen this fall. Marcie Sillman, KUOW News.

  • Pacific Northwest Ballet's Jonathan Porretta in Jerome Robbins' "Fancy Free," with Glen Kawasaki at left
    KUOW Newsroom

    Marcie Sillman's weekend culture picks, June 7-9

    June is here, complete with what seems like endless daylight and warmer temperatures. The first week of June is also a time for big cultural happenings; KUOW’s Arts and Culture reporter Marcie Sillman has some tips for our weekend pleasure.

  • Banda la Mejor perform at the Northwest Folklife Festival
    KUOW Newsroom

    Marcie Sillman's weekend culture picks May 24-27

    Memorial Day weekend is the unofficial start of summer. A three-day weekend often invites us to head out of town, but for those who choose to stay in the city limits, KUOW’s Marcie Sillman has a few suggestions to help round out your calendar - including the weekly Seattle International Film Festival picks.