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caption: Knute Berger, Liz Brazile, Bill Radke and Joni Balter
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Knute Berger, Liz Brazile, Bill Radke and Joni Balter

Amazon, money, and fewer special education teachers on this Week in Review

Bill Radke reviews the week's news with Liz Brazile and Knute Berger of Crosscut, and host of the Seattle Channel's Civic Cocktail, Joni Balter.

Amazon's facing backlash after putting $1.4 million into Seattle City Council races. Where do they go from here? Plus, Councilmember Lorena Gonzalez has put forth a proposal that would stymie corporate donations. Will it hold up in court?

And speaking of Amazon, the company is officially challenging the Defense Department's decision to award a $10 billion contract to Microsoft. What will come of that challenge?

Also, Boeing has officially given up on using robots to assemble their 777s. Is this a win for humans?

Plus, Washington has a shortage of special education teachers. Why aren't we able to keep up with demand? And, affirmative action has officially been rejected by Washington voters. Why did it fail?

And finally, Seattle Children's Hospital has closed its operation rooms for a second time this year due to mold. Why can't they get a handle on the situation, and why did they wait so long to tell patients?