Do you worry about gluten? Genetically modified foods?
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Do you worry about gluten? Genetically modified foods?

Do we worry too much?

What do you worry about? Plane crashes? GMOs? Climate change? We speak to two researchers who have investigated some of life's most common concerns. And we hear from the Seattle Times' Heidi Groover about the transit bills that have died in Olympia. Plus: an investigation by Buzzfeed News reveals a dark side to the World Wildlife Fund. And Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood talks about automated airplanes and where automation is headed.

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What worries you?

The authors of "Worried," Eric Chudler and Lise Johnson, join us to talk about your common worries and what you can do about it.

Proposal for traffic cameras dies in state legislature

Heidi Groover of the Seattle Times explains why a proposal to use traffic cameras to keep bus-only lanes and crosswalks clear died in Olympia. We also look at the failed proposal to change how your car tabs are calculated.

World Wildlife Fund investigation

Buzzfeed investigations correspondent Tom Warren talks about his report that details evidence that the WWF charity employs and supports park rangers who've used excessive force, abuse, even killing indigenous people to fight poaching.

Molly Wood

What should and shouldn't be automated? In light of the Ethiopian Airlines crash, we look at how automating is making things more safe, but also has consequences. Marketplace Tech host Molly Wood fills us in.