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caption: Healthcare workers at Seattle hospitals have begun to get the coronavirus vaccine.
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Healthcare workers at Seattle hospitals have begun to get the coronavirus vaccine.

Healthcare workers mark their calendars for a shot in the arm

After months of not being able to do the simplest things, like drink water at work, healthcare workers see the end in sight. A chat with the virology rockstar who led the nation’s clinical trial response. The view from the sweep that wasn’t at Cal Anderson Park, and a look inside religious festivals of light.

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Frontline workers roll up their sleeves

Frontline health worker Dr. Sachita Shah has an appointment to get the coronavirus vaccine next Tuesday the 22nd. Ross Reynolds spoke to her about what it’s been like in the hospitals, surrounded by all the COVID-19 deaths that only health workers see.

A look at the lead researcher behind the COVID vaccine

Seattle’s Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center was at the heart of America’s research effort to run effective, FAST clinical trials of a coronavirus vaccine. Leading the charge was Dr. Larry Corey, virologist and former director of the center.

Will there be a park sweep?

Last week, a flyer went out instructing residents living in tents to remove their property from Cal Anderson Park by 7:30am today. But although activists showed up, police sweeps did not. KUOW’s Casey Martin was at the scene.

Winter's festivals of lights

December brings festivals of lights in many religions. How does that look this year, at a time when the connection we long for isn’t available? Temple Beth Am’s Rabbi Ruth Zlotnick and Pastor Gail Song Bantum of Quest Church offered their thoughts.