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caption: King County drop box.
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King County drop box.
Credit: Juan Pablo Chiquiza / KUOW

King County council members want to change when you vote

The King County Council has approved a plan that calls for switching elections to even numbered years. But the ultimate decision is not theirs — voters will give the final approval or denial.

Council Chair Claudia Balducci is hoping voters will sign off on the idea when they vote on the measure this November.

“Our democracy is strongest when the people who are elected to represent the electorate are elected by most of the electorate," Balducci said.

Records show that voter turnout in odd-numbered years drops to an average of 47%, compared to 77% in even years. Even numbered years are when presidential, gubernatorial, and congressional elections happen, and voters are more likely to turn in their ballots for those races. That's why Balducci supports the switch.

But Councilmember Reagan Dun does not like the idea.

“My worry here is we get into a situation here where the voters are working on these presidential and congressional and gubernatorial races, forgetting about the local, county council members and execs," Dunn said.

Dunn and Pete von Reichbauer both voted against the measure. Still, it's going to the voters in November.