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Coronavirus In Seattle
caption: 2020: the year roller skating took over the internet.
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2020: the year roller skating took over the internet.

The object that defined your 2020

What one thing will you look at and always remember this year? We asked some KUOW staff, and we'd love to hear from you too.

2020: the year that launched a million memes.

It started with one blue tie dye sweatshirt that I wore almost every day. Then, a full blown tie dye sweatsuit was added into the mix. Mis-matched green tie dye sweat pants were added the other day. It clearly became a thing. -Megan farmer, photojournalist
Credit: KUOW Photo/Megan Farmer

A global pandemic and global political turmoil, historic fires, travel restrictions, enforced separation – and most of us, watching it all unfold from inside our homes.

When we all went home I needed to find something to keep me sane. On a whim I borrowed a hula hoop from a friend. In the spring I would take it out in the early morning, turn on some music and get lost for a few minutes. By summer it became a way for to ground myself throughout the day to be in the present moment. I’m mostly hooping indoors this winter because of the rain, let’s hope my television survives. -Patricia Murphy, host of seattle now
Credit: Courtesy of Patricia Murphy.

University of Washington professor Joe Janes' fall course "Objects, Memory, the Future and You" made us wonder: what’s an object you’ll never look at again without thinking of this year?

In 2020, my daughter’s dance studio closed, leaving her and her METAL tap shoes with us at home. This is her Shuffle-Ball-Change floor. -Bill radke, host of the record
Credit: Courtesyof Bill Radke.

Whether it’s the vintage camera that forced you out of hibernation for socially distant walks, or the belt sander you bought to tackle an outdoor project at home, we want to know.

Roller skating has been a major piece of my year. I hadn’t been on quads in over a decade until this past July, and I’ve been on them nearly every day since. Through rhythm style roller skating, I’ve rekindled my love of dance. -liz brazile, online editor/producer
Credit: Courtesy Liz Brazile

You can see more of Liz's moves on Twitter, and share your own pandemic object with us:

  1. What was your object? Please tell us about it, in 1,000 words or less. Your answer may be edited down.
  2. Send us two photos of your object: one vertical, one horizontal. Stand left or right of your object, have someone take a photo. If you are alone, set your camera timer, lean camera against a mug handle, lens facing you. The image should have you from waist/chest up.
  3. Email to or fill out this Google form