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caption: This photo was uploaded to the Find It, Fix It app in SoDo on May 9, 2019 under the category "needles."
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This photo was uploaded to the Find It, Fix It app in SoDo on May 9, 2019 under the category "needles."
Credit: Obtained from Seattle Public Utilities through an open records request

When the parking enforcement ban is its own eviction moratorium

At the end of the “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order, the ban on parking enforcement will be lifted. But what if your vehicle IS your home? The last statewide Republican officeholder on the West Coast. And how mutual aid could change our world.

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Scott Greenstone on RV parking enforcement

Right now the eviction moratorium has held housing insecurity in a kind of suspended animation. There's also a ban on parking enforcement, which effectively extends the eviction moratorium to folks living in their vehicles. But what happens when the parking ban is lifted? Scott Greenstone is a reporter with the Seattle Times’ Project Homeless.

Newly reelected WA Secretary of State, Kim Wyman

Bill Radke interviews every single Republican holding statewide office in Washington, Oregon, and California. They are all Kim Wyman, the recently reelected Washington Secretary of State and sole red R in a sea of blue. In a region where the party has lost an incredible amount of ground: how does she do it?

Dean Spade, Mutual Aid

Two weeks ago, record numbers of Washingtonians voted. A lot of folks said they had waited four long years to finally make political change at the federal level. But in that four years, there have been plenty of opportunities to take political action. And Seattle University law professor Dean Spade argues that the movements we build that way are the key to creating lasting change. His new book is called Mutual Aid: Building Solidarity During This Crisis (and the Next).