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Host Bill Radke leads in-depth conversations about what matters today in Seattle and beyond.

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  • Crowd of people hiking in the woods

    June 20th | How to avoid crowded hiking trails this summer

    Tips and tricks from a National Park Expert. Single-family zoning is practically gospel in America. Seattle isn't the only city in the midst of a homelessness crisis. Presidential hopefuls are open to the idea of expanding the Supreme Court. And did you know WA state has the hardest driving test in the country?

  • Soda shelves at grocery store

    June 19th | Is Seattle's soda tax succeeding or failing?

    Seattle's been taxing sweetened beverages for over a year now. Meet the first-ever LGBTQ committee chair of the NAACP. We get a Boeing update from the Paris Air Show. And retired soccer star Abby Wambach talks about the fight for equal pay in women's sports.

  • A dead 40-foot gray whale drifted ashore north of Port Ludlow, Washington, on May 28.

    June 18th | A whale of a view

    Gray whale as lawn ornament. A chat with the new head of the Nature Conservancy. And the case for incrementalism.

  • June 17th | The view from a Shanghai taxi

    A veteran NPR correspondent’s drive for the story. A tale of two counties. Forced conservatorship in San Francisco. And some of what we don’t know we don’t know about Kim Jong Un.

  • Professor Nara Milanich's new book, Paternity: The Elusive Quest for the Father.

    June 13th | Who’s your daddy?

    ISO the father, via science and society. What will tech giants’ affordable housing money fund? Is teriyaki on the wane in Seattle? Is Alexa listening to your kids? And another tale of cold cases revived through DNA testing websites.

  • Golf cart parked at a course

    June 12th | Are golf courses the solution to affordable housing?

    Seattle's trying to decide if it should keep its four public golf courses as is. The US Women's soccer team set a new record! Would embracing air conditioning make us less "eco-friendly"? And is the cottonwood fluff worse than it used to be?

  • The Coast Guard Cutter Polar Star sits moored in Lyttelton Harbor during a port call to, Christchurch, New Zealand, Feb. 18, 2017. The Polar Star crew stopped in New Zealand after completing a month-long icebreaking mission to Antarctica.

    Seattle to welcome a new heavy ice cutter

    For the first time in 40 years, the U.S. is getting a new heavy ice cutter to join the Coast Guard’s Polar Star and the Polar Sea, whose home port is Seattle. Democratic Senator Patty Murray said ice breakers play a critical role in our national security and are “a strategic asset in our nation’s efforts to promote our interests in the north.”