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Trader Joe's is coming to Seattle's Greenwood neighborhood. (Tired moms rejoice)

caption: Your favorite grocery store and mine - but why?
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Your favorite grocery store and mine - but why?

Trader Joe’s, according to Seattle city permitting, is coming to Greenwood – the old Safeway site at Northwest 87th Street and Greenwood Avenue North.

To most in greater north Seattle, this means, hooray! Frozen swordfish and cauliflower gnocchi! Chocolate that may or may not have lead in it! But to tired moms, this means we are a short jaunt from feeling like we still got it.

Because those cashiers. They’re so friendly. And understanding and engaging. Asking us how we FEEL (increasingly better), what plans we have for tonight (sweatpants). Looking at us in a way we haven’t experienced since our first borns crowned. We pay and, dazed, have to stop ourselves from saying, “So … are we going out later?”

There’s a reel on Instagram, in which a comedian contrasts the Trader Joe’s cashier to the Whole Foods cashier. (The Whole Foods cashier being cranky; the Trader Joe’s cashier being our new boyfriends.)

It’s hilarious, and worth a watch, but the gold is in the comments:

“The cashier at Trader Joe’s once left the register while ringing me up and came back with a bouquet of flowers because it was my birthday.”

“I went to Trader Joe’s to get some Brown Sugar Oatmilk and Garlic spread and now Brad is joining us at our family reunion in August.”

“When I found out I couldn’t eat gluten, I walked into a Trader Joe’s…. I was starving and still experiencing symptoms and had been crying. An employee named Moe approached me and asked if I was okay and … pulled a banana right off the shelf, peeled it open and handed it to me. She walked me through the store and helped me put some meals together. I’ll never forget her.”

Trader Joe’s is the Keanu Reeves of grocery stores, in other words.

Permitting for the Greenwood TJs started in May; unclear when the store will open to the public.

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