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Cascade PBS show 'The Nosh with Rachel Belle' tucks into the Northwest's culinary scene

The Nosh with Rachel Belle
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Photo courtesy of Rachel Belle / Cascade PBS

Like sour cream dolloped lovingly on a baked potato, journalist and food writer Rachel Belle finds the delicious nooks and unexpected crannies of the Pacific Northwest culinary scene.

She’s been doing it for years with her podcast "Your Last Meal," where she interviews celebrities about their connection to food. And now, Rachel is tucking into some tasty stories with her new show on Cascade PBS, "The Nosh with Rachel Belle."

But don't expect to see Belle channel her hero — Julia Child — with cooking demonstrations. At its core, Belle said "The Nosh" is about community "and just seeing it through the lens of food and drink."

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Consider the latest episode of "The Nosh, featuring the colorful, edible works of art made by Seattle-based pasta maker Linda Miller Nicholson.

"It started because [Linda's] son didn't want to eat his vegetables," Belle said. "She started making purees with vegetables and fruits and dyeing it."

Nicholson took the resulting purple and blue pasta creations to her Instagram account, sharing her elaborate concoctions with the world — and now, to Belle's viewers.

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Belle also takes her viewers along with her to explore the latest food trends in Seattle, like the city's rising bagel scene. Belle said her guests each have their own theory as to why bagels are booming.

"Part of it was the pandemic," she said. "Because with all of the restaurants that already existed [and] having to pivot, bagels are kind of easy to make in the scheme of things."

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In a way, "The Nosh" represents a kind of pivot for Belle too. Although the host and cookbook author has always been passionate about food, Belle got her start as a news reporter in Seattle. Running out to a crime scene or interviewing the mayor was her bread and butter, but she's always gravitated toward food.

"You kind of always have to keep your hand in your passion," Belle said. "You can't just talk about it and dream about it."

Viewers can catch the fruits of her labor on "The Nosh with Rachel Belle" on Fridays at 8:50 p.m. on Cascade PBS. Episodes are also available to stream episodes at

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