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Washington state starts 2023 with ambitious new climate efforts

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One of Washington's biggest climate programs yet launched on Jan. 1: the Clean Fuel Standard.

Under this program, fuel suppliers must gradually provide cleaner and cleaner fuels for gas pumps across the state, starting now, through 2034.

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Also kicking in this month is a law that caps greenhouse gas emissions from the state's largest polluters. That program allows companies to buy carbon credits in an auction, which can be traded like other investments — also known as cap and invest.

In Seattle, the city will start funding its Green New Deal for the first time this year. That's the city's climate change master plan. As part of that, middle and low income residents will be eligible for assistance to buy heat pumps.

And this year, major federal incentives for green energy kick in. People can get tax credits for buying electric vehicles, installing rooftop solar, and heat pumps.

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