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'Bottoms': another raunchy teenage comedy but with high school lesbians at its center

caption: The SIFF Cinema Uptown marquee lists "Barbie" and "Bottoms"
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The SIFF Cinema Uptown marquee lists "Barbie" and "Bottoms"
Jason Burrows for KUOW

The new film "Bottoms" is a return to the age of the raunchy teenage comedy, and we're here for it.

"Bottoms" feels like a weirder and more surreal cross section of "Superbad," "Bring it On," and the "L-Word." In short, it's a high school buddy comedy about pursuing hot cheerleaders, with teenage lesbians at the center of the story.

We meet two high school besties, PJ and Josie, who embark on the well known theatrical trope of attempting to lose their virginity before the end of their senior year of high school.

In a fantastical world with adults who are aloof when present, but for most of the film are totally nonexistent, and meat-head football players who seem to run the school in the absence of adults, while never appearing on screen without full uniforms and pads, our queer protagonists concoct a plan to score big with the girls of their dreams — by starting a “fight club.”

This club, led by Josie and PJ, with the assistance of faculty advisor Marshawn Lynch (the only teacher we see in the movie), becomes a place for female empowerment as well as the vessel for Josie and PJ to get even more physical contact with beautiful cheerleaders than they hoped for.

Soundside is joined by film enthusiasts Jas Keimig and Chase Burns, the creators and writers of "Unstreamable," a column about movies that you can't find streaming online, to break down the movie itself, to take a deep dive into what makes a good comedy, and discuss why so many movies about sexual desires use high school as a setting.

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